Karlee Markarian

Karlee first turned to Pilates in an effort to mange chronic back pain. She believes in constructing a bespoke experience for each client in order to facilitate change not only in body but also in mind. Due to her unique experiences Karlee is able to bring exceptional insight into her work with individuals facing chronic back pain, scoliosis, and other degenerative issues as well as those simply looking to strengthen and transform their bodies.

Originally from New York’s beautiful Hudson Valley, Karlee moved to Philadelphia to study dance at Drexel University. While dancing and teaching Pilates, she also teaches dance to children at a number of facilities spanning from Philadelphia to Swarthmore. Outside of the studios, Karlee enjoys spending time with her family and crafting. Karlee completed her certification through the Drexel Pilates Training Program in the spring of 2012 under Jennifer Morley.

Karlee loves teaching group classes that work the body, mind and soul thoroughly. In addition to group classes, Karlee cultivates specialized duet and private sessions that address the clients every need. 

"Eighteen months ago I would wake up, take ibuprofen, wait 20 minutes and then be able to walk down the stairs. If I sat too long, my left knee would hurt as I tried to walk. I could not sleep only stomach. I walked with a limp and because of that my right hip hurt. Then I started equipment Pilates with Karlee. Within three months, I no longer take ibuprofen in the morning. I immediately walk down the steps. My right hip does not hurt. I walk tall. I can sleep on my stomach. People ask if I lost weight, but I have not. It is the effect that Pilates 1-3 times a week has had on my body. Although I still get aches and pains, especially after a lot of tennis, at the next class Karlee asks "how are you feeling today" and we work on the area that is tight or hurts. Equipment Pilates with Karlee has been fantastic. It really has improved my life."
Donna Murasko, PhD

Karlee Markarian instructs the following:
  • Pilates Abs and Arms
  • A challenging mat workout using the principles of traditional Pilates to focus on major muscle groups in the arms, shoulders, back and abdominals.